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Crochet Pattern Green Autumn Shawl (ENG)

Since I’ve knitted the Scheepjes Storm Cowl I am a big fan of the Scheepjes Peru yarn. It feels so comfortable and warm! The cowl is a bit to big for me so I still was really cold when biking. So I decided to make a shawl with this warm yarn. I can wrap this shawl nicely around my neck, shoulders and face when I want.

This time I choose to crochet the shawl in stead of knitting. I will share the pattern for free below so you can also crochet this comforable shawl for those cold winter days. It is a very easy pattern so it is also suitable for the beginners. And because of the use of two yarns it gives a very classy glittery (is that a word?) look.

The shawl is about 44cm wide and 1.35m long. If you want the shawl to be longer use a skein more and it will be about 1.65m.

What do you need for this shawl?

Used stitches

ch = chainstitch
sc = Single Crochet
(..) = total stitches


The shawl is crochet back and forth.

Chain 31 with 12mm hook and 1 thread Metallico Fine and 1 thread Scheepjes Peru.

Row 1: 1 sc in the 2nd ch of the hook, 29 sc. (30)

Row2: 1 ch, turn, 30sc (30)

Repeat row 2 untill all the 5 skeins of Scheepjes Peru are gone.

Sew in the threads and your done!

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